Light-speed drawings, pixel-perfect results, design system compliant

all this on paper

The physical stencil for digital designers and their teams. Standard or tailored to your design system, Wirekit will help you sketch quickly and accurately.
Standard: $49 | Custom: $119


Everything you draw with Wirekit is pixel perfect.


Nothing beats the rawness of pen and paper.


You get a Wirekit once, then it’s by your side forever.


Customize the sizes of shapes to fit your design system.

Wirekit overview

Sizes and scale

About the lenght of a pencil and a couple millimetre thick, it fits right in a notebook. Made of vinyl, it’s sturdy but bends so as not to break.

All shapes are 1:2 of real-life pixels.

Start with an artboard

Three artboard sizes are on the top left corner (mobile, tablet, desktop).

The artboard sizes for standard are the ones. you would find on Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma: 390, 768, and 1024px.

If you are getting a custom Wirekit, you will be able to choose three artboard sizes.

Build basic elements

You have 3 options for element sizes. We have  selected certain shapes so that you can build useful elements like buttons, inputs, radio, selectors, or toggles.

You can be creative: the grey padding allows you to use shapes together.

The standard sizes that we chose are: 32px, 48px, 64px height. Custom Wirekits will accommodate for the heights that your. design system requires.

Add icons and typography

We provide 2 icon sizes and 3 font sizes.

The icons we have selected will do well for wireframing: hamburger menu, home, search, bookmark, heart, star, arrow head, and user.

For headings, we have guide-rails to help with heading sizes. For p, we have created an easy way to scribble lines with the right padding.

Nest shapes to create complex elements

Have you noticed that each shape on the Wirekit has a. grey padding around it?

The goal with this padding is to allow you to combine shapes together in order to create more complex elements.

This works with every shape on your Wirekit. Ex: combine: w medium box, a small user icon, and a line of p, and you will get a user input.

Structure your interfaces

The whole stencil is on a 16px grid. This will help you organize your layout and space your elements.

You also have a couple tools at the bottom of. your wirekit that enable you to center and space elements properly.

Standard Wirekits have the following margins: 16, 32, 64, and 128px. With custom Wirekits, those margins can be pretty much anything.

Finally, you have a regular ruler for custom sizes and distances.

Standard or customized
to your design system

you choose

Our Mission

Ideating on paper

During their design process, designers go through a first phase where we work on the problem (both divergent and convergent). Only then can we work on the solution.
While diverging on solutions, our role is to generate potential solutions. We outperform  when: our solutions are numerous, diverse, realistic, and communicable, and we did it in a timely manner and respecting good design practices.

is not always easy

The unit of measurement in the digital world is px. We are not equipped to draw in pixels.

Interfaces must respect certain design principles: hierarchy, structure, padding, keeping the same dimensions across sketches. We are not equipped to respect those principles on paper.
We sketch to communicate our ideas. They must be presentable. We are not equipped to draw 20 presentable sketches in a row.